Student Grants

A limited number of student grants are available for participation in DL 2013. Each grant will cover the workshop registration fee and will provide (subject to availability of resources) a contribution to travel costs. (Note that we need the receipt for the travel costs that are refunded and a bank account is required to receive the refund.)

The students who are interested in applying for this grant must write an email to the workshop organizers at dl2013(at) declaring their interest in the student grant and providing

  1. a proof of full-time student status (copy of valid student ID card or letter from their institution or program director), and
  2. a short justification confirming that the attendance to DL 2013 could not be financed by other means such as project funds.

The deadline for applying to the student grants is June 24th, 2013.
Students requesting a student grant should still register, but wait with their payment until a response. No late payment fees will apply for those students with a negative response.