Project - Radio Frequency Electronics

Study Programmes

Master Elektrotechnik > Praxismodul > Hardware Systems Engineering
Master Informationssystemtechnik > Praxismodul
Master Communications Technology > Practical Module


This project will realize a different radio frequency subsystem each year. The docents will describe a set of requirements, students will then set out to develop a system concept, research suitable off-the-shelf components, perform the complete design, and finally build and characterize a prototype. A written report describing design decisions, all data relevant to replicate the prototype, and characterization results will finalize the project. Docents will act as design consultants; additionally, short lectures will introduce important project management approaches such as Scrum, students will use simple project management techniques during the design and implementation phases.

ENGB 71563


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hermann Schumacher

Dr.-Ing.  Andreas Trasser



SWS: 3