Energy Science and Technology I


Language: English
Prerequisites: none
Length of the Module 1 semester
Credit Hours:


Study Programme: Master degree in Energy Science and Technology
ECTS-Points: 5
Date: Winter term

Module Contents

The course gives an overview on conventional (electric) power technology:

  • development and status of energy consumption and resources; its limitations and consequences
  • physical basics of mechanical – electrical energy conversion
  • types of electric machines: DC separately excited, parallel and series wound; asynchronous; synchronous, special forms like AC machines, linear drives, electronically commutated machines: their construction, function, characteristics and applications
  • structure and function of the electric power grid and its components
  • electric power generation by means of thermal power plants and their thermodynamical fundamentals: entropy, Carnot -, (Joule) Brayton - and (Clausius) Rankine cycle
  • nuclear power plants, nuclear fusion technology
  • electric power generation from renewable sources: hydro and wind power, photovoltaics, further technologies in the field of renewables


Dr.-Ing. Caroline Willich

Prof. Josef Kallo


The course is organized via the moodle platform of the University of Ulm. Here you can find all the current schedules and also the course materials.


Lecture Schedule

Wednesday 12am - 2pm

Thursday 2pm - 4pm