Welcome to the Faculty of Engineering, Computer Science and Psychology at Ulm University

Technologies are changing our lives at an ever faster rate. Whether smartphone, internet or medical engineering – technologies are omnipresent around us, on us and sometimes even inside us. Many can no longer imagine everyday life without assistance functions in cars, intelligent electronic organisers or mobile access to social networks. Numerous research projects at our Faculty are taking such developments to the next level and are working on the technology of 'the day after tomorrow'.

A prominent example is our work on autonomous and intelligent vehicles. Our research on medical sensor systems or novel communication systems falls into this category as well.

Despite all the euphoria over technological developments it should not be forgotten that technology is ultimately developed by humans for humans and is only ever as good as the benefit that it provides to the person who uses it. It was therefore a logical consequence for our Faculty to complement the Engineering and Computer Sciences with the subject Psychology in order to also take into account the role of the human being in technical systems.

A university is defined by the interplay between research and teaching. Our research work is therefore inseparably linked to the training of young scientists in our study programmes. Learning at Ulm University starts in the lecture hall and continues far beyond the research laboratory. The work of many students and doctoral candidates contributes directly to the Faculty's research results. We are particularly proud of the close connection between our students and our lecturers.

I am delighted about your interest in our Faculty, whether you want to study here or are curious about our research. I would like to invite you to seek direct contact with the scientists at our Faculty and to let yourself be inspired by our vision of a technology by people for people.

Your Prof. Dr.-Ing. Maurits Ortmanns,
Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Computer Science and Psychology

Dean Maurits Ortmanns
Prof. Ortmanns
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