Adaptive Software-Intensive Systems

As information and communication technology systems become increasingly widespread and take on ever more important roles in managing and monitoring critical and complicated processes, demands on these systems continue to rise. These demands include aspects such as timeliness and correctness of information and offered functions, robustness, reliability, real-time behaviour, mobility, adaptability to changing conditions, flexible reactivity to exceptional circumstances, maintainability and self-organisation.

It is becoming increasingly important to embed these aspects in the system design. Various institutes in our department address these challenges. Their research activities include topics such as:

  • modelling and calculation of real-time behaviour of systems
  • flexible, robust scaleable systems for managing process and data
  • dynamic and self-organising communication networks
  • safety concepts and systems
  • flexible software systems by means of constraint-based modelling and knowled-based plans of action
  • requirements engineering, methods of development and innovative software tools

A special feature of our research is that the concepts that we develop undergo systematic testing and evaluation in the form of prototype implementations in demanding application environments.