Vorlesung "Compound Semiconductors"


The course information will be provided via Moodle. The password for the course will be published in the first lecture.

Content of the lecture

  • Semiconductors, Compound Semiconductors
  • Bulk and epitaxial crystal growth
  • Optical processes, spectroscopic methods
  • Electrical characterisation methods
  • x-ray diffraction, microscopy and other characterisation methods
  • Low-dimensional structures: quantum wells, wires, dots
  • Strain in semiconductor structures
  • Short wavelength materials: Group III nitrides
  • Semiconductor Lasers, LEDs
  • Solar Cells
  • Electronic devices: HEMTs, HBTs

Recommended literature

  • Lecture script
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Lecture dates

  • Tuesday 12-14, room 47.2.102
  • Wednesday 8-10, room 45.2.101
  • some extra dates will be on Wed 10-12, details to be discussed in the lecture