Vorlesung "Electrical Engineering"


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Due to the Corona pandemia, we can offer this lecture only on-line by video streams (in our Moodle course). At the lecture times, we will have live Zoom meetings.

Content of the lecture

  • Circuit analysis: Network analysis, Thevenin and Norton equivalent circuits, superposition principle, linearity, capacitors & inductors, transformers
  • Analysis of transients: Frequency analysis, filters etc.: Frequency response, logarithmic scale, Bode diagram, low pass, high pass, 2nd order low pass etc.
  • Fourier and Laplace transformation: Transfer function, step, pulse response, convolution
  • Semiconductors: Band structure, density of states, Fermi statistics, impurity conduction, mobility, diffusion, Hall effect
  • Diodes: p-n-junction, load line analysis, pn as capacitance, Schottky diode
  • Transistors: Bipolar transistor (band structure, common base, common emitter, amplification), Field Effect Transistor (Structure, operation, enhancement and depletion); load line analysis
  • Devices for measurement: Operational amplifier, basics, adder, subtractor, integrator, differentiator, logarithmiser
  • Probability distribution functions: Binomial, Poisson, Gauss
  • Signal filtering, noise: Thermal, shot, 1/f, distribution, generation-recombination,
  • Digital Signal Processing: basic logic operations, adders, flip-flop, Digitization: Basics, sampling theorem, DA and AD converters, Digital filters, z-transformation

Recommended literature

  • Hambley, Allan R.: Electrical Engineering. Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, 2002.
  • Hsu, H.P.: Schaum's Outlines: Signals and Systems. McGraw-Hill, New York, 1995.
  • Kittel, Ch.: Introduction to Solid State Physics. Wiley, New York, 1996.
  • Profos, P. and T. Pfeifer: Handbuch der industriellen Messtechnik. R. Oldenbourg, München, 1994.
  • Sze, S.M.: Physics of Semiconductor Devices. John Wiley & sons, New York, 1981.
Lecture dates
  • Monday 10:15-12:00
  • Thursday 10:15-12:00
  • First Lecture:
    18-Okt-2021 (Monday)