Lecture - Biosensors and Biochips

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Master Elektrotechnik > Ergänzungsmodul
Master Communication and Information Technology > Specialisation Module
Master Biophysics > Specialisation Module
Master Advanced Materials > Elective Course


The world-wide need for chemical detection and analysis rise steadily. Several reasons lead to this trend, for instance, the rapid increase in the prevalence of diabetes, the increasing need for environmental and health monitoring, new legislative standards for food and drug quality control or even the early detection of biological and chemical terror attacks. Thanks to higher sensitivity and specificity, short response times and reduction of overall costs, biosensors can be very competitive in addressing these needs when compared to traditional methods.

Students can describe basic principles, mechanisms of action and applications of biosensors in different scenarios. After taking this module, participants can analyze biosensors, break-down the elementary components and identify and illustrate every individual function in the information flow, from recognition to transduction and transmission. Students illustrate the clinical and industrial applications in different biosensor market sectors, e.g. commodities for everyday consumer needs or professional equipments for research. Furthermore, they are able to understand and critically analyze research in biosensors. Finally, students are able to develop appropriate concepts and independently propose solutions for given problems.


•    Introduction to biosensors
•    Applications overview
•    Biological detection methods: catalytic, immunologic, etc.
•    Physical transduction methods: electrochemical, optical, gravimetric, etc.
•    Immobilization techniques: adsorption, entrapment, cross-linking, covalent bonds
•    Biochip technologies: DNA and protein chips, Ion-channel devices, MEA and MTA, Implants
•    Extras: invited talk(s), experimental exercise, excursion

ENGB 73028


Dott. Alberto Pasquarelli


Winter Semester

Language: English


Lecture / Seminar / Lab

SWS: 4