Former professors

2010-2019Prof. Dr.-Ing. Knut Graichen Deputy director of the institute
1990-2008 Prof. Dr. E. P. HoferDirector
1991-1998Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gert GochDeputy Head of Department

Former academic staff

Period Name Research topic
2017-2020 Roman Geiselhart  
2017-2020 Daniel Bergmann  
2015-2019 Martin Bach  
2016-2019 Felix Mesmer Model-predictive control of dual clutch transmissions
2013-2019 Franz Gritschneder Behavior planning for automated vehicles
2018-2019 Daniel Burk Distributed model-predictive control
2017-2019 Tobias Gold Model-predictive eleastic control of robot arms
2018-2019 Markus Lukassek Model-predictive trajectory planning for off-road vehicles
2014-2019 Andreas Völz Collision-Free Motion Planning for Dual-Arm Robots in Changing Environments
2014-2018 Daniel Stumper Statistical determination of risky driving situations to ensure functional safety for automated driving
2014-2018 Stefan Hörmann Situation prediction using deep learning and dynamic occupancy grid maps for urban autonomous driving
2015-2018 Tobias Englert Model predictive torque control of electric drives
2013-2018 Alexander Scheel Sensor fusion and multiple extended object tracking for automated driving
2012-2018 Sönke Rhein Optimization of multiphysics problems governed by electromagnetic and thermal phenomena
2013-2018 Matthias Baumann Control Srategies for Electric Mototrcycles with All-wheel Drive
2014-2017 Hannes Klee Optimized generic interfaces for battery management systems
2014-2017 Manuel Stübler Feature-based maps and localisation
2014-2017 Karsten Harder Model predictive control for Diesel engines
2008-2017 Stephan Reuter Information fusion and tracking
2012-2017 Felix Kunz Motion planning for autonomous vehicles
2011-2017 Stefan Zaiser Set-membership method for black-box identification of linear systems
2011-2016 Oliver Hartmann Online verification of digital maps
2013-2016 Thomas Bächle Dynamic control and energy management of four-wheel drive electric vehicles
2014-2016 Matthias Rapp Localization and mapping using high-resolution radar sensors
2011-2016 Sebastian Hentzelt Distributed model predictive control of dynamically coupled nonlinear systems
2011-2016 Markus Thom Machine Learning
2013-2015 Fabian Weiss Start-up Immersight
2013-2015 Simon Singler Start-up Immersight
2011-2015 Dominik Kellner Determining object and ego-movement based on the Doppler information of high-resolution radar sensors
2011-2015 Michael Barjenbruch Algorithms for high-resolution radar sensors with digital beam-forming
2010-2015 Jürgen Wiest Algorithms for high-resolution radar sensors with digital beam-forming
2011-2015 Regine Graf Learning methods for predicting the situational behavior of road users using case based reasioning
2011-2015 Dominik Nuß Dynamic grid maps
2011-2015 Thomas Specker Power-based modeling of dynamic friction and contact processes in mechanical systems
2011-2015 Tilman Utz Control of distributed parameter systems and PDEs
2013-2015 Florian Schüle Map-based road course prediction for night vision systems
2009-2014 Florian Seeliger Inter-Vehicle information fusion for environment perception using Car2x communication
2011-2014 Hendrik Deusch Random finite set-based localization and SLAM for highly automated vehicles
2011-2014 Bartosz Käpernick Gradient-based nonlinear model predictive control with constraint transformation for fast dynamical systems
2010-2014 Elias Strigel Information fusion method for the video-intercepted detection of traffic at intersections with multicamera systems
2010-2014 Benjamin Wilking Environment detection using generic sensor interfaces
2009-2014 Daniel Meißner Intersection-based road user tracking using a classifying multiple-model PHD filter
2010-2014 Jürgen Remmlinger Methods for online status diagnostics of Li-ion batteries
2010-2014 Stefan Sailer Control of a driving robot for roller dynamometers
2012-2013 Michael Gabb Object-tracking methods of vehicles in turn-off situations with the sole use of mono-video
2012-2013 Göntje Claasen Data fusion and tracking methods
2012-2013 Markus Gressmann Object detection and tracking in surround-view videos
2012-2013 Thomas Ruland Online calibration of in-vehicle video cameras  
2008-2013 Tomas Szabo Model-based control for double clutch transmissions with pneumatic actuators
2008-2012 Marcus Konrad Map-supported road-course prediction
2007-2011 Andreas Wimmer Environment detection and modeling of construction sites for driver assistance systems
2010-2011 Magdalena Szczot Classification methods for pedestrian detection
2007-2011 Marcel Schenderlein Three-dimensional reconstruction and tracking of electrophysiology catheters from X-ray images
2006-2010 Holger Berndt Driver behaviour prediction and hazard analysis for predictive driver assistance systems
2007-2010 Michael Munz Generic sensor fusion framework for simultaneous state and existence estimation for environment perception systems
2001-2010 Johanna Minisini Methods for automated analysis and synthesis and their modular realization for nonlinear dynamic systems
2006-2010 Christine Hartung Image-guided navigation at the beating heart for open heart bypass surgery
2006-2009 Markus Knestel Control methods for rehabilitation robotics
2006-2009 Claudia Quester Image-guided navigation during coronary artery bypass grafting at the arrested heart
2004-2009 Thorsten Weiss High precision positioning and cartography for driver assistance systems using laser scanners
2004-2008 Axel Schildknecht Trajectory control of charged micro-drops
2004-2008 Michael Danzer Control method for fuel cells with dynamic load requirements
2003-2008 Andreas Rauh Analysis of nonlinear system using interval methods
2004-2008 Stefan Wender Multi-sensor system for enhanced vehicle environment detection
2003-2007 Marco Kletting Interval methods for guaranteed uncertainty assessment
2005-2007 Roland Schweiger Real-time sensor fusion system for pedestrian detection at night
2004-2007 Mirko Mählisch Filter synthesis for the simultaneous minimization of existence, association and state uncertainties for the vehicle environment detection
1994-2007 Karin Mehr  
2002-2006 Nico Kämpchen Feature based fusion of laserscanner and video for driver assistance systems
2001-2006 Daniel Streller Multi-hypothesis approach for the detection and tracking of objects in traffic scenes with laser scanners
2001-2004 Kay Fürstenberg Vehicle environment detection and pedestrian protection using multi-line laser scanners