This pages summarizes the publications of the institute ordered by year. For copyright reasons, we are not allowed to offer the papers freely on the internet. However, if you are interested in one of our contributions, please give us a notice via e-mail and we can send you the respective copy for personal use. 

The dissertaions (Ph.D. theses) of our alumni can mostly be found in the OPen Access Repository of Ulm University (OPARU). Please contact us if something is missing.

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Fürstenberg, Kay; Willhoeft, Volker; Dietmayer, Klaus
New Sensor for 360\
Proceedings of IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium (IV 2001), Tokio, Japan
Streller, Daniel; Sparbert, Jan; Dietmayer, Klaus
Object-Tracking in Traffic Scenes With Multi-Hypothesis Approach Using Laser Range Images
Proceedings of 8th World Congress on Intelligent TransportSystems (ITS 2001), Sydney, Australia