Multimedia Signal Processing

Algorithms for innovative processing of video and audio signals are analyzed, optimized and implemented. Focus is OFDM receiver design, source coding and decoding, and video and audio quality analysis and improvement. Target applications are mobile multi standard platforms like in cars and trains on the one hand, and professional broadcasting on the other hand.

Main aspect of our algorithmic research is the optimization for efficient implementations. We extensively use FPGA prototypes as well as real-time DSP implementations for feasibility studies.


Object-Based Video Compression for Real World Data

C. Feller: All modern hybrid video codecs utilize spatial and temporal redundancy removal to compress video sequences. In order to reduce the data necesssary to properly describe a certain area of an image, the similarity to a reference image is exploited. This process is one of the central elements of each hybrid video codec and is called prediction. One can expect the enhancements of traditional hybrid 2D video compression to settle in the near future. Therefore new concepts need to be explored ... [more]