2018-04-04 The 11th European VCSEL Day Workshop will take place at University West on April 12 and 13. 

2018-03-21 Our Annual Report 2017 is ready for download.

2017-12-12 Successful Ph.D. defense "Three-dimensional InGaN/GaN based Light Emitters with Reduced Piezoelectric Field" of Junjun Wang.

2017-12-11 Successful Ph.D. defense "Metallorganische und Hybridgasphasenepitaxie von semipolaren (1122)-orientierten GaN-Schichten auf vorstrukturierten Saphir-Substraten" of Marian Caliebe.

2017-11-20 We welcome our new acting director Prof. Dr. Hans-Jörg Fecht.

2017-10-01 We say goodbye to our secretary Hildegard Mack and to our director Karl Joachim Ebeling.

2017-06-01 We welcome our new staff members Markus Miller and Jan-Patrick Scholz.

2017-05-09 The Annual Report 2016 of the Institute is now online.

2017-04-27 Once again schoolgirls visited our Institute on this year's Girls'Day to gain insight into current research topics. [Video]

2017-03-31 We say goodbye to our colleague Markus Daubenschüz.

2017-03-28 Successful Ph.D. defense "GaN-Nanostreifen für LED- und Laseranwendungen" of Robert Leute.

2017-02-02 We welcome our new visiting scientist Dr. Markéta Zíková (Czech Academy of Science) who will be working with the GaN Group until August 2017.

2017-01-09 We welcome our new staff member Vignesh Devaki Murugesan.



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