• collaboration in third-party research project with DaimlerChrysler
  • collaboration in the NOVA project
  • supervision of the course "HTML und mehr" in the school project VIMPS (2001-2006)

Research interests

  • software engineering, system engineerung, SysML
  • modelling of requirements
  • (horizontal and vertical) traceability of requirements
  • integration, specification and formalisation of non-functional requirements
  • general aspects of tool support for requirements engineering

Diploma theses

  • Jan Scheible: Traceability von Requirements zwischen Spezifikation und Modellierung bei einem MDA Ansatz unter Verwendung von Klassen- und Aktivitätsdiagrammen (2007)
  • Zhixiong Zhou: CAPARS - Constraints and Performance attributed Requirements Specification (2007, in cooperation with the HOOD Group, Munich)
  • Martin Mayer: Entwicklung eines Softwarewerkzeugs zur skriptsprachen- und datenbankunabhängigen Formulargenerierung (2007)
  • Lukasz Minich: Online File Management and File Sharing with advanced security functions. (2006, within the Erasmus exchange programme)