Richard Verbeet

Richard Verbeet studied logistic systems at University of Applied Sciences Ulm and obtained his master's degree in Systems Engineering and Management. The subject of his Master's thesis was the development of a simulation module for order planning of production systems in automotive industry. From 2014 to 2016 he was working as an industrial consultant for material flow simulation of production and logistic processes. Additionally he was involved in further development of simulation software. In 2017 he started his PhD program in the Post Graduate School "Cognitive Computing" with the doctoral projekt "Workflow-based Arrangement of Decision-making for Autonomous Agents".

Research Interests

  • Multi-Agent-Systems
  • Automated Negotiation
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Cognitive Science
  • Industrial Dataspace

Contact details

Contact details

Richard Verbeet
External PhD Student

Office: Room H102/103*
Consultation hours on appointment


Phone:+49 731 50 16871
Mobile:+49 176 57718601

* University of Applied Sciences Ulm