Generate Big Insights with Big Data & Process Mining

Ulm University

Gastvortrag, Angela Gebert, Ort: O27/H20, Datum: 09.07.2019, Zeit: 14:15 Uhr

The guest lecture will be an interactive and applied introduction to Process Mining, a data-analytics technology that reconstructs and visualizes as-is business processes based on digital footprints from the data that companies store in their IT systems, such as ERP, CRM, or SCM. The session starts with a motivation for process excellence as a key success factor in today’s digitized world. It covers a short theoretical introduction into the concept of Process Mining and the log data required as input. The focus of the workshop will be a live demo including hands-on exercises for the participants. The session will also include insights into the start-up success story of Celonis, one of the few German unicorns. It ends with an outlook and a Q&A session.