Invited Talk at the 40th Anniversary of GI-SIG-EMISA

Ulm University

Manfred Reichert was invited speaker and panelist at the EMISA 2019 conference. In his keynote on digital process management he discussed various challenges, technologies and applications for next generation BPM solutions.

For 40 years, the GI Special Interest Group on Design Methods for Information System (GI-SIG-EMISA) has been a platform for experts from industry and academia to exchange and discuss the methodical aspects of planning, modeling, developing and running digital ecosystems. While terminology and buzzwords change, many of the questions raised when EMISA was founded still remain challenging, and many new questions came along over the years.

EMISA 2019 took place at the “Evangelische Akademie” in Tutzing, Germany, the location of its inaugural meeting in 1979. Renowned and experienced senior experts discussed with younger scientists the current status in the field of development methods for digital ecosystems. For everyone it was an inspiring conference with many new insights and new research contacts.


Manfred Reichert was chairman of the GI Special Interest Group EMISA between 2012 and 2015. Before he was co-chair of GI-SIG-EMISA and editor-in-chief of the  EMISA Forum (2007 – 2012). Finally, he was PC co-chair of the EMISA workshops held in 2007 and 2012.