Nomination for the 2018 Frontiers Spotlight Award

Ulm University

From more than 400 outstanding article collections published in 2017, 10 finalists are now in the running for the 2nd annual Frontiers Spotlight Award  – and the chance to win US $100,000 to organize an international conference on their topic’s field. Among the 10 finalists is the topic "Towards an Understanding of Tinnitus Heterogeneity" of which Rüdiger Pryss and Manfred Reichert are two of the editors. 

Published as Frontiers Research Topics, the 10 shortlisted article collections each address a globally important field of research with the potential to drastically impact our future — from artificial intelligence to better health to sustainable agriculture. They bring together the latest, cutting-edge research to advance their fields, present new solutions, and foster essential, large-scale collaborations across multiple disciplines and research groups worldwide.

About the Frontiers Research Topic in which Rüdiger and Manfred are involved:

Finding a cure for tinnitus
Topic Editors: Christopher R. Cederroth, Arnaud Norena, Berthold Langguth, Winfried Schlee, Sven Vanneste, Tobias Kleinjung, Jose Antonio Lopez-Escamez, Pim Van Dijk, Martin Meyer, Grant Searchfield, Peyman Adjamian, Rilana f.f. Cima, Deborah A Hall, Birgit Mazurek, Heidi Olze, Giriraj Singh Shekhawat, Nathan Weisz, Silvano Gallus, Jianxin Bao, Antonello Maruotti, Rüdiger Christoph Pryss, Manfred Reichert, Thomas Probst, Bård Støve & Myra Spiliopoulou

More than 100 million people worldwide suffer from chronic tinnitus — the perception of a sound when no external sound is present. A major obstacle in developing effective treatments is the large variation between patients. As the largest-ever collection of multidisciplinary research in this young field, Towards an Understanding of Tinnitus Heterogeneity provides new avenues for better therapeutic outcomes.

About the Frontiers Spotlight Award

The annual Frontiers Spotlight Award supports emerging and important fields of research published as a Research Topic in Frontiers journals. Each year, the most active, collaborative and impactful Research Topics from the previous year are shortlisted according to their scientific and editorial excellence, international reach, subject novelty and interdisciplinarity. A Jury, drawn from members of the Frontiers Editorial Board, is then tasked with evaluating the shortlist in order to produce the final winner. The winning team of Topic Editors receives a budget of US $100,000 to organize an international scientific conference on the theme of their Research Topic. 

Some of the editors Frontier Research Topic Towards an Understanding of Tinnitus Heterogeneity: Manfred Reichert (Ulm University), Winfried Schlee (Regensburg University), Myra Spiliopoulou (Magdeburg University), Rüdiger Pryss (Ulm University), and Berthold Languth (Regensburg University)