Workshop Themes

Areas of research that touch on Situated Dialog:

  • Auditory scene analysis and interpretation
  • Acquisition and tracking of dialog channels
  • Explicit and implicit grounding
  • Out-of-Vocabulary inputs and their resolution
  • Advanced conversational capabilities: Initiation and termination, multi-party
  • Multi-modal interaction (gesture and gaze)
  • Language-based learning and instruction
  • Dialog interaction for robotic systems or kiosks
  • Interfaces to automotive systems
  • Spoken language for mobile applications

Research and development in the following areas are relevant to this meeting; we also invite the submission of original papers in any related area:

  • Speech recognition and understanding, 
  • Dialog management, Adaptive dialog modeling, 
  • Recognition of emotions from speech, gestures, facial expressions and physiological data, 
  • Emotional and interactional dynamic profile of the speaker during dialog, User modeling, 
  • Planning and reasoning capabilities for coordination and conflict description, 
  • Conflict resolution in complex multi-level decisions, 
  • Multi-modality such as graphics, gesture and speech for input and output, 
  • Fusion, fission and information management, Learning and adaptability, 
  • Visual processing and recognition for advanced human-computer interaction, 
  • Spoken Dialog databases and corpora, including methodologies and ethics, 
  • Objective and subjective Spoken Dialog evaluation methodologies, strategies and paradigms, 
  • Spoken Dialog prototypes and products, etc. We put this year workshop under the theme