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Book publication: Companion Technology -- A Paradigm Shift in Human-Technology Interaction

Ulm University

Today, our book about companion technology has finally been released.

Future technical systems will be companion systems, competent assistants that provide their functionality in a completely individualized way, adapting to a user’s capabilities, preferences, requirements, and current needs, and taking into account both the emotional state and the situation of the individual user.

This book presents the enabling technology for such systems. It introduces a variety of methods and techniques to implement an individualized, adaptive, flexible, and robust behavior for technical systems by means of cognitive processes, including perception, cognition, interaction, planning, and reasoning. The technological developments are complemented by empirical studies from psychological and neurobiological perspectives.

The book is available on in print and PDF (completely and single chapters as well). Please note that many authors make their book titles available on their own employee's page.stellen.