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Ulm and Friends at the ICAPS 2016

Ulm University

Prof. Biundo-Stephan gives her invited talk "Making Plans for Human Users".

Prof. Biundo-Stephan gave an invited talk at the International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling (ICAPS) 2016. Abstract of her talk:

User-centered planning is a strand of the field that investigates a variety of AI planning functionalities that go beyond the mere generation of plans. It aims at the realization of comprehensive plan-based user support as the core functionality of advanced assistance systems. In this talk, we introduce a hybrid planning formalism designed for user-centered planning. It combines features of hierarchical task networks and partial-order causal-link planning in a well-defined manner, thereby reflecting and explicitly representing the causal and hierarchical reasoning planning is about. We discuss the theoretical properties of this formalism as well as implementation aspects and show how plan generation, plan explanation, plan repair, plan recognition, and mixed-initiative planning are realized within this integrative framework. Finally, we present two assistance systems where the combination of these planning capabilities implements the support of users in complex assembly tasks and in the compilation of individual fitness-training programs, respectively.

The talk was recorded. We provide a link as soon as it is available.

Also apart from this talk, the ICAPS 2016 was special for our AI group: we got accepted three papers. They were presented in the same session, which was chaired by Malte Helmert, introducing it as "Welcome to the next Session: Ulm and Friends".