German Pre-CHI 2020

19-20 March 2020

Inspired by the Scottish tradition of meeting researchers from all over Scotland shortly before going to CHI, last year this tradition was brought by Offis (Oldenburg) to Germany to bring the German HCI community and friends closer together. The idea of the German Pre-CHI Event is to provide an opportunity for researchers from Germany to present their accepted CHI papers and disucss them in a smaller circle. Additionally, it provides an excellent opportunity for younger researchers to get a taste of the quality of work presented at CHI and network with other peers, as well as senior researchers. Therefore, everyone from students to professors interested in HCI is welcome.

The event is taking place over two days, which includes paper talks, coffee breaks, and an informal demo session. If you would like to participate as a presenter or attendee, please fill the form to pre-register by clicking the link below (before Feb 21st). Filling out the form is a preliminary registration. Once we have an approximate estimate of the participants, we will send a registration confirmation to the email address provided.

Preliminary Registration

Venue & Accommodation

The German Pre-CHI Event 2020 will take place at Schloss Reisensburg (Günzburg/Ulm). The science center Schloss Reisensburg belongs to Ulm University and is meant to promote international scientific exchange.
Accommodations for the attendees will be provided by the venue. In the unlikely case that the event will be overbooked, presenters will be given priority to stay at the venue. We will then try to organize accommodation places in Günzburg or Ulm for attendees of the event.

Event Fees

The fees for the event will be approx. 189€ and include:

  • 1x overnight stay in a single room (Thu. 19th March)
  • 2x lunch
  • 1x dinner
  • 1x breakfast buffet
  • Coffee flat and snacks during the event




Teresa Hirzle (main contact)

Enrico Rukzio