Pervasive Information through Constant Personal Projection: The Ambient Mobile Pervasive Display (AMP-D)

The vision of pervasive ambient information displays which show relevant information has not yet come true. One of the main reasons is the limited number of available displays in the environment which is a fundamental requirement of the original vision. We introduce the concept of an Ambient Mobile Pervasive Display (AMP-D) which is a wearable projector system that constantly projects an ambient information display in front of the user. The floor display provides serendipitous access to public and personal information. The display is combined with a projected display on the user’s hand, forming a continuous interaction space that is controlled by hand gestures. The paper introduces this novel device concept, discusses its interaction design, and explores its advantages through various implemented application examples. Furthermore, we present the AMP-D prototype which illustrates the involved challenges concerning hardware, sensing, and visualization.

Implementation and Use Cases


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Winkler, Christian; Seifert, Julian; Dobbelstein, David; Rukzio, Enrico Pervasive Information through Constant Personal Projection: The Ambient Mobile Pervasive Display (AMP-D) Proc. of CHI 2014 (SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems), ACM, 10 pages, Honorable Mention Award April 2014