UbiBeam: An Interactive Projector-Camera System for Domestic Deployment

Previous research on projector-camera systems has focused for a long time on interaction inside a lab environment. Currently they are no insight on how people would interact and use such a device in their everyday lives. We conducted an in-situ user study by visiting 22 households and exploring specific use cases and ideas of portable projector-camera systems in a domestic environment. Using a grounded theory approach, we identified several categories such as interaction techniques, presentation space, placement and use cases. Based on our observations, we designed and implement UbiBeam, a domestically deployable projector-camera system. The system comprises a projector, a depth camera and two servomotors to transform every ordinary surface into a touch-sensitive information display.

Implementation and In-Situ Study



Jan Gugenheimer

Enrico Rukzio


Gugenheimer, Jan; Knierim, Pascal; Winkler, Christian; Seifert, Julian; Rukzio, Enrico UbiBeam: Exploring the Interaction Space for Home Deployed Projector-Camera Systems In Proc. of Interact 2015 (IFIP TC15 Conference on Human-Computer Interaction), Oktober 2015

DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-22698-9_23