Julia Brich, M.Sc.

Julia Brich joined Prof. Weber's research group in 2014. Her dissertation is focused on the application of motivational game design factors in player-game adaptivity.

Julia completed her undergrad studies at the University of Applied Sciences Ulm (B.Sc., 2011) and Ulm University (M.Sc., 2014) with a focus on distributed systems. During her studies, she spent six months at EADS Germany for an internship.

Julia is connected to the following projects at Ulm University:
Serious Games – Skill Advancement Through Adaptive Systems
EffIS – Efficient and Interactive Studying

Research interests

  • Motivational effects of core game mechanics
  • Adaptivity in games
  • Game Design
  • Ubiquitous Computing
  • Home Automation


Scientific Activities

  • Student Volunteer at MUM'12
  • Reviewer for ACM CSCW'17



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