News of the Institute of Media Informatics

3 Paper and 2 Demos at UbiComp/ISWC 2017

Ulm University

The institute of media informatics will present the following publications at UbiComp/ISWC in Maui:


David Dobbelstein, Steffen Herrdum, Enrico Rukzio inScent: a Wearable Olfactory Display as an Amplification for Mobile Notifications

David Dobbelstein, Christian Winkler, Gabriel Haas, Enrico Rukzio PocketThumb: a Wearable Dual-Sided Touch Interface for Cursor-based Control of Smart-Eyewear

David Dobbelstein, Gabriel Haas, Enrico Rukzio The effects of mobility, encumbrance, and (non-)dominant hand on interaction with smartwatches


the publications inScent and PocketThumb will also be presented as a demonstration.