News of the Institute of Media Informatics

Nine submissions accepted at AutomotiveUI 2019

Ulm University

The Institute of Media Informatics will present eight submissions at AutomotiveUI 2019 (International ACM Conference on Automotive User Interfaces and Interactive Vehicular Applications) in Utrecht.


Cooperative Overtaking: Overcoming Automated Vehicles' Obstructed Sensor Range via Driver Help EC Best Paper
Marcel Walch, Marcel Woide, Kristin Mühl, Martin Baumann, Michael Weber

Towards Opt-Out Permission Policies to Maximize the Use of Automated Driving
Philipp Hock, Franziska Babel, Johannes Kraus, Enrico Rukzio, Martin Baumann


Don’t You See Them? Towards Gaze-Based Interaction Adaptation for Driver-Vehicle Cooperation
Marcel Walch, David Lehr, Mark Colley, Michael Weber

Driving-Task-Related Human-Machine Interaction in Automated Driving: Towards a Bigger Picture
Marcel Walch, Mark Colley, Michael Weber

For a Better (Simulated) World: Considerations for VR in External Communication Research
Mark Colley, Marcel Walch, Enrico Rukzio

Including People with Impairments from the Start: External Communication of Autonomous Vehicles
Mark Colley, Marcel Walch, Jan Gugenheimer, Enrico Rukzio

Online Experiments as a Supplement of Automated Driving Simulator Studies: A Methodological Insight
Philipp Hock, Franziska Babel, Kristin Mühl, Enrico Rukzio, Martin Baumann

The Effect of Incentives in Driving Simulator Studies
Philipp Hock, Enrico Rukzio, Martin Baumann

Inducing erroneous behavior in a driving simulator with gamification
Steffen Maurer, Ramona Schmid, Rainer Erbach, Enrico Rukzio