Ali Askari, B.Sc.

Ali Askari joined the HCI Group in March 2017 as a research assistant. He supports the group at various research activities in the field Driver-Vehicle Interaction and worked among other things on the KoFFI-Project. In 2019, he finished his Bachelor Degree in Media Informatics, the title of his thesis was "Enabling 6-DoF interactions in Virtual Reality on 3-DoF limited HMD systems". 

Ali is currently doing his master in Media Informatics and works as parts of his employment on the SituWare project. 

Research interests

  • Driver-Vehicle Interaction
  • Virtual Reality
  • Fabrication



Colley, Mark; Walch, Marcel; Gugenheimer, Jan; Askari, Ali; Rukzio, Enrico
Towards Inclusive External Communication of Autonomous Vehicles for Pedestrians with Vision Impairments
In Proc. of CHI 2020 (SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems)
April 2020
Publisher: ACM