Ali Askari, M.Sc.

Ali Askari joined the HCI Group in March 2017 as a research assistant. He supported the group at various research activities in the field of Driver-Vehicle Interaction and worked among other things on the KoFFI-Project. In 2019, he finished his Bachelor Degree in Media Informatics, the title of his thesis was "Enabling 6-DoF interactions in Virtual Reality on 3-DoF limited HMD systems". 

During his Master studies at the University of Ulm, Ali supported the Insitute as a research assistant with research projects such as the "SituWare Project", and as lecturer for additive manufactoring methods the "Sketching with Hardware I & II" course. With his master thesis with the topic "Evaluating the validity of Presence questionnaires", he finished his Master Degree in Media Informatics on June 2022. 

Currently, Ali is doing his PhD at the BMW AG in Munich, which is supervised by the Institute of Media Informatics, on the topic of depth perception in Augmented Reality. In addition to that, he supports the Institute for Media Research and Media Development (IMM) as a Research Associate in leading the "Sketching with Hardware I & II" course. Ali is therefore still an active member of the Insitute. 

Research interests

  • Driver-Vehicle Interaction
  • Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality
  • Fabrication and Rapid Prototyping Methods

Thesis topics

I am glad to supervise your thesis topic with focus on Augmented Reality concepts. For topic suggestions or a first get-together, please send an e-mail to ali.askari(at)

For an official external supervised master thesis in cooperation with the BMW Group, please search the database on the company page (Keywords UI/UX) or contact me with topic suggestions regarding Driving related Augmented Reality concepts over ali.askari(at)



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