Katrin Plaumann, M.Sc.

Katrin joined the Human Computer Interaction Research Group in 2014. Her research focusses on improving accessibility of mobile devices for people of all age groups, and developing effective mobile health applications. Her research employs Human Centred Design (HCD), including quantitative as well as qualitative methods and UX design principles.
Katrin holds a Master of Science in Computer Science and Media from Stuttgart Media University. 

Research interests

  • Mobile Accessibility
  • Mobile Interaction for Senior Citizens
  • Mobile Health
  • Digital Health


Due to reasons of age or health, a large number of people live with varying restrictions with regard to their motor skills and their mobility. They can no longer handle many tasks in their homes independently or are dependent on others' help. ASSIST's goal is to remedy this situation. read more

The goals of SenseEmotion are the optimization of pain treatment by automatic recognition of physical pain as well as the reduction of mental pain by a person-adapted affect management in order to improve the well-being and the quality of life of older people. read more

As the availability of smartwatches advances, small round touch- screens are increasingly used. Until recently, round touchscreens were rather uncommon, and so most current user interfaces for small round touchscreens are still based on rectangular interface designs. To overcome this issue for list interfaces, we introduce CircularSelection. read more

In recent years, mid-air gestures have become a feasible input modality for controlling and manipulating digital content. In case of controlling TVs, mid-air gestures eliminate the need to hold remote controls. However, the absence of a single controller and the nature of mid-air gesture detection also poses a disadvantage: gestures preformed by multiple watchers may result in conflicts. read more

Deaf individuals often experience communication difficulties in face-to-face interactions with hearing people. We investigate the impact of real-time translation-based ATs on communication quality between deaf and hearing individuals. read more

This project is a collaboration between the Institute for Media Informatics and the Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy Research Group. Its goal is the development and clinical evaluation of a health app for better care and therapeutic support for people with affective disorders like depression. read more


If you are interested in a thesis topic in the fields accessibility, mobile interaction for senior citizens, mobile health or human computer interaction, please contact me via email.