Sebastian Hartwig, M. Sc.

Sebastian Hartwig completed his masters degree at the Institute of Media Informatics 2017 before joining the research group Visual Computing.

Research interests

  • Camera Calibration
  • 3D Reconstruction
  • Photogrammetry
  • Machine Learning


My researches focus on 3D reconstruction. In combines topics of computer vision and computer graphics. I addressed camera calibration in depth and would like to continue my researches by examining 3D reconstuction. Photogrammetry seems to be a promising approach in terms of reconstructing 3D models from images.

Furthermore I started to use machine learning in order to develop approaches for 3D reconstruction. Basically, 3D reconstruction is the creation of a detailed virtual model of the real world.

I will be pleased to answer your quetions and provide detailed information for theses. Feel free to come by or just send me an email.



S. Hartwig and T. Ropinski, "Training Object Detectors on Synthetic Images Containing Reflecting Materials" , arXiv:1904.00824, 2019.