Computer games have evolved rapidly in recent years. Not only has the production volume of AAA titles increased such that hundreds of people work for several years on a game but also the technological boundaries are pushed with each new development. This lab course will introduce you to the fundamentals of 3d game engine development. While a modern game engine is a very complex piece of software with components such as physics, animation, artifical intelligence, sound system, graphics engine, ... the scope of this lab course will concentrate mainly on the graphics engine and an associated content pipeline:

  • Basic content development and export pipeline
  • Rendering of a 3d world
  • Movement and simple collision detection
  • Some advanced rendering techniques
  • Animation

While a full blown game engine uses many middleware components the goal of this lab course is to gain a fundamental understanding of the technologies. Thus the students will develop all components from scratch using C++ and OpenGL.

There will be reguler meetings where the students present their progress and  give short talks about game development techniques.


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  • Maximum Number of Students: 12
  • Passing Criteria: Verification and Demonstration of Programs
  • Registration: E-Mail to Holger Dammertz
  • Students are allowed to work in groups of up to 2 people.


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Holger Dammertz

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hendrik Lensch

First Meeting

Di. 27.04.2010 Raum 331 17:00

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