• Seminar (4 ECTS) für Bachelor (3. Jahr), Master, Diplom
  • Maximale Teilnehmerzahl: 15
  • Scheinvergabekriterien: Teilnahme an der gesamten Veranstaltung, Beteiligung an Diskussion, Vortrag und Ausarbeitung
  • Die Ausarbeitung soll 5-8 Seiten umfassen und wird von den Teilnehmern des Seminars gegen gelesen.
  • Anmeldeformalitäten: per E-Mail an Manuel Finckh


For a long time the research in computer graphics was focused on the three main areas modeling, rendering and animation. While these fields are still topics of active research the influence of novel technology, of other fields of science and the importance of the final end-user have broadened the area to include human perception, computational photography/videography, interaction, displays and so on. The most important publications in computer graphics have traditionally been published at the ACM SIGGRAPH conference. In this seminar we will investigate current research trends in computer graphics that came up during the last two years. Besides reciting existing work, we will put an emphasis on identifying future research directions in the various fields.

The goal of this seminar is to give an overview over the recent trends and to teach how to analyze and summarize a research paper as well as to improve on presentation skills.

First Meeting

  • Monday, April 26th, 16-18, room O27/121
  • We will discuss the logistics of this seminar and highlight some of the possible topics.



Room and Time

  • Mo 16-18, room O27/121
  • first meeting: Mo, April 26th


Manuel Finckh