Seminar Research Trends in Computer Graphics: Internet Graphics


Successful participation includes:

  • Active attendance during the whole term
  • Presentation of the paper (20 minutes)
  • Written report about the selected paper in LaTeX (6-8 pages)


Current research papers concerning graphics and the internet. Especially large photo collections and their usage in computer graphics will be considered.



First Meeting: Monday, 18.04.2011 in room O28/331. There, we will decide about the topics and the dates of the individual presentations. Topics will be given out on a "first come first serve" basis according to the mail registration date.

Fast Forward Session: Two weeks later (monday, 09.05.2011), all participating students will give a 2-minute overview about their topic.

Presentation: A presentation should take 20 minutes followed by a 10-minute discussion. Presentations must be handed in no later than two weeks before the presentation date.

Written Report: All participating students have to write a report about their selected paper until the end of the semester, in LaTeX. You can use the template given underneath.

"Schein": Issued according to the results in presentation and report. Active attendance during the whole term is obligatory.

Guests joining the presentations are always welcome!


Please read the paper Tag-based Web Photo Retrieval Improved by Batch Mode Re-Tagging until monday, 02.05.2011 ("How-to" - Session).

Teaching Assistant

Katharina Schwarz

Seminar Dates

Room and Time:

Mo 16 - 18h, room O28/331

First meeting:

18.04.2011, 16 ct, O28/331


02.05: "How-to" - Session

09.05: Fast Forward Session

06.06: Presentations

20.06: Deadline for written report