• SWS: 2V + 2Ü   - 6 ECTS
  • prerequisites: CS or Medieninformatik (Semester >= 5)
  • the lecture will be offered in English


  • Introduction to Parallel Computing
  • Basic Algorithms:
    • Map, reduce, parallel branching, sorting
    • Parallel data storage and retrieval
  • Parallel Computation:
    • FFT, particle systems
    • Parallel linear equation solvers, parallel PDEs
    • Parallel complexity analysis and profiling
    • System integration and graphics processor clusters
  • Student Projects


  • Students will present their projects on Tuesday, 15.02.2011. This time we will begin at 9:15 in room O27/331.  Feel free to use this template for your presentation.

  • Students are required to register on this mailing list for the lecture.
  • First lecture on: Tuesday, October, 19th.


Weekly Exercises

  • groups of two students are allowed
  • formal exercises are handed out during the first six weeks

Student Project

  • from beginning of December until Feb/Mar 2011
  • sample problems on current research topics in various fields will be announced
  • students are required to provide a written project proposal
  • they need to implement the project and
  • present the solution during the last lectures
  • written project summary is due end of March 2011


  • will depend on the quality of the project solution, on the evaluation of results and on the difficulty and the realization
  • (you need to register for the grading as if it were an oral exam)


Please see the course page for details.

Teaching Assistant

Johannes Hanika


Student Project Presentation

  • Date: 15.02.2011 starting 9:15
  • Room: O27/331


  • Room: O27/2203
  • Time: Tuesday 10-12


  • Room: H21
  • Time: Wednesday 14-16