Bachelor & Master Theses - Visual Computing Group

Students studying Media Informatics, Computer Science, Software Engineering or Cognitive Systems are very welcome to do their final thesis project (Bachelor or Master) with us. If you are interested, we recommend that you contact one of the research group staff.

Topic Selection

We always offer interesting topics in the areas of computer graphics, visualization, virtual reality and game programming. Students can either work on one of our currently open topics or develop a topic together with one of the research group staff, also on the basis of own ideas. The topics can have a practical as well as theoretical focus, while explorative user studies are also possible. Below you can find a list of already completed topics to give you an idea of the topic spectrum.

Thesis Process

The work on a final thesis project can be divided into three phases:

  1. In the planning phase, the student acquaints himself with the subject and plans the thesis work together with the supervisor. The result of this phase is a 1-2-page document containing a work plan as well as the objectives of the work.
  2. In the implementation phase, the objectives developed in the planning phase are realized. This phase usually takes up the majority of the entire time.
  3. In the writing phase, the student writes the actual thesis, which describes the topic in the context of related work, and discusses the implementation as well as the results obtained. This can be done in German or English.

In all three phases, the student is in close contact with the supervisor, discussing the current progress and potentially occuring problems.

Thesis Templates

Here you can find Latex templates for writing a thesis with our group.

Previous Thesis Topics

Here you can find a list of completed Bachelor and Master theses.