Working Group Visual Computing in Biology and Medicine - Annual Meeting

Preliminary Programm (constant update)

10:00 Prof. Dr Timo Ropinski: Welcome
Session 1: Molecular Visualization
10:15 Dr Pedro Hermosilla (Visual Computing Group, Ulm University):
Creating High Quality Real-Time Visualizations of Molecular Structures on the GPU
10:35 Dr Michael Krone (VISUS, University of Stuttgart):
Visual Analysis for Structural Biology
Session 2: Image Analysis
10:55 Kavitha Shaga Devan (Electronmicroscopy Group, Ulm University):
HCMV Particles Detection using Transfer Learning in Electron Microscopy Images
11:15 Alex Bäuerle (Visual Computing Group, Ulm University):
Crossover Detection in Electronmicroscopy Fibril Data using Deep Learning
Session 3: Medical Visualization
11:35 Juliane Müller (Digital Patient and Process Model Group, ICCAS Leipzig)
11:55 Julian Kreiser (Visual Computing Group, Ulm University):
Embedding Decision Graphs for High-Resolution Manometry Diagnosis
12:15 Ben Behrendt (Visualization Group, University of Magdeburg)
Lunch break
Session 3: MedVis Award (Sponsored by Brainlab)
13:30 Prof. Dr Anja Hennemuth (Charité Berlin):
Winner Announcement
13:50 MedVis Honorable Mention Presentation 1
14:05 MedVis Honorable Mention Presentation 2
14:20 MedVis Award Winning Presentation
Coffee Break
Session 4: Acquisition and Reconstruction
15:15 Prof. Dr Volker Rasche (Department of Internal Medicine II, Ulm Medical Center):
A Self-Gating Method for Time-Resolved Imaging of Nonuniform Motion
15:35 Philipp Henzler (Institute of Measurement, Control and Microtechnology, Ulm University):
Single-Image Tomography
Session 5: Virtual Reality Meets Medicine
15:55 Dr Tom Vierjahn (Virtual Reality and Immersive Visualization, RWTH Aachen)
16:15 Dr Alexander Hann (Department of Internal Medicine I, Ulm Medical Center)
Application of Virtual Reality in Gastroenterology
16:35 Prof Dr Timo Ropinski: Outro

Organisational details

Annual Meeting of the Working Group Visual Computing in Biology and Medicine
Thursday, 12th April 2018
starting at 10:00 o'clock
Ulm University, O28/1002

About the Working Group

The Working Group Visual Computing in Biology and Medicine is focussed on image analysis and visualisation in the field of image based diagnostics and therapy in biology and medicine. It is a subdivision of the Gesellschaft für Informatik e.G and closely cooperating with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Computer-und Roboter-Assistierte Chirurgie (CURAC).