Eric Sundén: Experiences in Immersive Spaces for Real-Time Visualization


The talk will cover experiences in the immersive spaces I manage, renew and develop for, in the Norrköping Visualization Center C, which covers a dome theatre, back-projected powerwall, 360 panorama display, and a virtual reality lab. Focus will be on how to operate these spaces, the hardware and software setups for running real-time content, the programming effort we take on to develop own software with long-time aspects for research and public productions, as well as commercial software we use for rapid and flexible development, such as Unity and Unreal, to let us, our students, and others use these spaces in a diverse manner. Experiences of various interaction techniques and deploying/adapting a software for the immersive spaces will also be covered.

Organisational details

Experiences in immersive spaces for real-time visualization
Wesdnesday, 5th September 2018
11:00 o'clock

Biographic notes

Portrait of Eric Sundén

Eric Sundén works at Linköping University, Sweden. He develops and maintains the technical infrasturtur of the c-tech research group, in particular the so called dome theater. He pushes the development of open-source tools in particular regarding real-time rendering and immersive visualisation. (2018)