Prof. Dr. Pere-Pau Vázquez: Visual analysis of research papers' collections using Normalized Relative Compression


The analysis of research paper's collections is an interesting topic that can give insights on whether a research area is stalled in the same problems, or there is a great amount of novelty every year. Previous research has addressed similar tasks by the analysis of keywords or references' list, with different degrees of human intervention. In this paper we demonstrate how, with the use of Normalized Relative Compression, together with a set of automated data processing tasks, we can successfully visually compare research articles and document collections. We also achieve very similar results with Normalized Conditional Compression, that can be applied with a regular compressor. With our approach, we can group papers of different disciplines, analyze how a conference evolves throughout the different editions, or how the profile of a researcher changes through the time. We provide a set of tests that validate our technique, and show that it behaves better for these tasks than other techniques previously proposed.

Organisational details

Visual analysis of research papers' collections using Normalized Relative Compression
Wesnesday, 20th January 2020
11:00 h

Biographical notes

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Prof. Dr Vázquez  is an associate professor of Computer Science at ViRVIG group, Univesitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC). Before joining the UPC in 2002, he had been working for four years at Universitat de Girona, where he completed his Ph.D. His interests are the application of information theory tools to computer graphics and visualisation, and the wide variety of GPU-based techniques for scientific visualization as well as mobile rendering. He also has interest in virtual reality and 3D interaction. (2020)