Informationen about teaching activities of the research group Visual Computing

Teaching - Visual Computing Group

We offer courses that enable students to specialize in the field of visual computing, by covering topics in the areas of computer graphics, visualization and game programming. All courses are targeted towards students in Computer Science, Media Informatics, Software Engineering and Cognitive Systems, both in the bachelor's and master's programs.

The schedule of the offered courses is designed to allow for a natural progression for students beginning in the winter or summer semester. The diagram below illustrates this progression, whereby the left-hand digit indicates the semester in the Bachelor's resp. Master's degree, and the number in the yellow circle the credit points for each course.

The lectures can be assigned to the following areas wrt. the German FSPO:

  • Informatik, B.Sc., Schwerpunkt
  • Informatik, M.Sc., Kernfach Praktische und Angewandte Informatik
  • Medieninformatik, B.Sc., Schwerpunkt
  • Medieninformatik, M.Sc., Kernfach Mediale Informatik
  • Software-Engineering, B.Sc., Schwerpunkt
  • Software-Engineering, M.Sc., Kernfach Praktische und Angewandte Informatik
  • Informatik, Lehramt, Wahlmodul

Current Courses and Student Projects

An overview of the current courses is listed and commented in the institute's list of teaching activities.

Bachelor&Master Theses

Information regarding Bachelor and Master thesis projects together with a list of completed topics can be found on our thesis project website.