Graduate Seminar Media Informatics, Summer Term 2019

The graduate seminar is dedicated to give an opportunity to our bachelor and master students to present the results of their research.

All interested students and colleagues are warmly welcomed to join us on occasion. We also recommend to attend the presentations to our future graduate students.

The talks will take up twenty minutes approximately in case of master theses and fifteen minutes for bachelor theses. It is followed by an academic discussion.

The following list of events will be currently updated throughout the semester.

Programme, Summer Term 2019

Thursday, 23rd May - 11 am

Visualizing Point Cloud Data Using Augmented Reality 
Ali Kanat
Presentation of a Masterthesis, supervised by Sebastian Hartwig and Prof. Dr. Timo Ropinski

Tuesday, April 16th 2019 - 15:00h

Grid-based fluid simulation 
Simon der Kinderen
Vorstellung einer Bachelorarbeit, betreut von Sebastian Maisch und Prof. Dr. Timo Ropinski

Monday, 15th April 2019 - 9 pm

Effects of Background Music: Time Perception in Virtual Reality
Maximilian Milo
Presentation of a bachelor thesis, supervised by Katja Rogers and Prof. Dr-Ing. Michael Weber

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