Seminar Research Trends in Visual Computing, Summer Term 2019

Our research group is working on a broad area of research, including computer graphics, image processing, visualization, and computer vision. Our seminar offers insight into each of these areas of research. Please join our first event for a presentation of specific topics.


To successfully complete the seminar the following requirements have to be fulfilled:

  • Written paper on a selected topic, (Ba: German or English. Ma: English)
  • 20 minutes presentation with questions and answers at the end, German or English
  • Active participation in peer reviews and discussions
  • Meet the schedule


Computer Sciences
Media Informatics
Software Engineering

  • B.Sc., Visual Computing (FSPO14/14015)
  • B.Sc., Visual Computing (FSPO17/14548)
  • M.Sc., (FSPO14/14218)
  • M.Sc., (FSPO17/14576)

See Module Description at HIS/Study