The following courses may be studied as projects - equivalent to 16 ECTS - as part of the master programmes computer science and media informatics, and under certain conditions also within the software engineering programme.

Projects may be partially offered as joint projects of the section Applied Subject of the study porgramme media informatics (12 ECTS), and will then be supplemented by additional tasks.

It is also possible to complete half a project - 8 ECTS.

Please clarify you demand with your supervisor in advance.

User Centred Design for Interactive Systems


Computer Science
M.Sc. (FSPO 14/17)

  • Project (16 ECTS)
    750 41/150 41
    750 42/150 42
  • Projekt (8 ECTS)
    750 41/150 41

M.Sc. (FSPO 14/17)

  • Project MI (16 ECTS)
    750 41/150 41
    750 42/150 42
  • Project (8 ECTS)
    750 41/150 41

Software Engineering
M.Sc. (FSPO 14/17)

  • Project SE (16 ECTSP)
    50 43/150 43


This project course is intended to learn and undergo the entire process of design thinking. In particular, it is about the development and enhancement of first-in-class interaction techniques. The goal consists of creating and evaluating a prototypical system.


The project starts of with an introduction in design thinking and related methods. In addition, contemporary technologies are introduced and can be experienced.

Design Thinking encompasses the following steps:

  • Empathize
  • Define
  • Ideate
  • Prototype
  • Test

During the project, a dedicated website and a short demo video is to be generated.


To get a first impression what this project and its topics are about, please take a look at the


list of ongoing and completed research projects of the research group human-computer interaction


Topics on offer will be introduced and illustrated at a kick off meeting at the beginning of the first semester.