The following lecture courses form the basis for the bachelor's study programme in media informatics at Ulm University. The courses may as well be part of other study programmes.

The following enumeration follows the ideal sequence of courses of the study programme.

Foundations of Design Principles I


Mandatory Module (B.Sc. MI)

720 25/103 22


The students are to be put into the position to apply basic design elements. They master the creative means of typography and dramatic composition. They are also able to evaluate existing systems on the basis of the provided knowledge of preception theory and media sciences.

The course discusses essential methods to systematic form finding based on planned, plausible and/or serial processes, such as exercises in composition, testing of parameters and qualities, lineare, uni- or twodimensional transformations, rastering systems, symmetric operations, exercises in animation amongst others.


  • Basic elements of visual design: circle, square, triangle
  • Point, line plane - space, time, colour
  • Structural qualities and formal possibilities of the basic elements
  • Typography: function, legibility, possibilities of expression
  • Dramatic structuring: language and possibilities of the the medium full-motion
  • History of design
  • Theory of perception
  • Media sciences