Research Trends in Media Informatics (Seminar)

Media Informatics is a broad field spanning many research directions and topics. The Internet, Web 2.0, Social Networks, Ubiquitous Computing, Usability, Social Interaction, HCI, Privacy, Trust and new Security mechanisms are just a few examples. This seminar aims to provide an overview of different research directions and current challenges that are focus of active research around the world and at our institute.

RTMI Conference

Conference Program

9:35Keynote by Prof. Dr. Enrico Rukzio:
Current and Future Research Topics of the Institute of Media Informatics
10:30Coffee break
Beyond the Desktop
10:45Head-mounted displays
11:15Novel technologies for telepresence
11:45Imaginary interfaces
12:15Natural interaction with automotive human machine interfaces
12:45Lunch break
Technology and Society
14:00Political participation through technology
14:30Privacy in cloud computing
15:00Computing technologies in developing countries
15:30Coffee break
The user's mind
15:45Brain-computer interfaces
16:15Persuasion, nudging and soft paternalism
16:45Coffee break
Physical Interaction
17:00Applications for tabletop interaction
17:303D printing: technology and applications
18:00Closing Remarks & Best Paper Award
19:30Social event (Gemütlicher Ausklang des Tages im Restaurant "Barfüßer Neu-Ulm")


The conference will take place at "Villa Eberhardt", Heidenheimer Straße 80, 89075 Ulm


To successfully complete the seminar the following requirements have to be fulfilled:

  • Written paper on a selected topic
    6-8 pages, German or English (English preferred)
  • Active participation
    Active participation in peer reviews and discussions
  • Presentation
    20 minutes, German or English


The seminar organization and schedule follow the style of a typical technical conference. Participants prepare a full paper on a topic, which is then peer-reviewed by at least two other students. Participants then must integrate the reviewer comments before submitting their camera-ready version of the paper.

The seminar proceedings with all final papers will be published on Uni Ulm VTS.

18.10.Topic assignment and overview
25.10.Research introduction
4.11.Submission paper proposal
5.-9.11.Proposal discussion with adviser* 
8.11.LaTeX introduction
21.12.Submission full paper
22.12.Assignment of reviews
6.1.Submission peer reviews
7.-11.1.Discussion of required changes with adviser*
31.1.Zen presentations - or how to avoid death by PowerPoint
3.2.Submission camera ready version of paper
4.-22.2.Discussion of presentation with adviser*
7./8.3.RTMI conference 

All deadlines are hard deadlines. No extensions will be granted. All submissions via ILIAS.

Dates for plenary meetings can be discussed at the first meeting to suit individual schedules.

*Please make an individual appointment with your adviser beforehand.



3D printing: technology and applicationsChristopher GetschmannChristian Winkler
Natural interaction with automotive HMIKathrin OsswaldSven Reichel
Brain-computer interfacesKatja RogersChristian Winkler
Augmenting the human bodyTobias HirscherFlorian Schaub
Novel mobile payment methodsTill FischerB. Wiedersheim
Computing technologies in developing countriesRainer HochdorferBastian Könings
Personalization in the carJan MusmannSven Reichel
Privacy issues in personalizationLisa AdamsBastian Könings
Media spaces in home and work environmentsJonathan SondershausJulian Seifert
Privacy in cloud computingJan SierschB. Wiedersheim
Persuasion, nudging and soft paternalismKatrin HoferFlorian Schaub
Imaginary interfacesTimo BunscheitJulian Seifert
Applications for tabletop interactionVera MüllerJulian Seifert
Political participation through technologyNikolas GrottendieckFlorian Schaub
Head-mounted displaysDavid JäckelChristian Winkler
Novel technologies for telepresenceJan GugenheimerBastian Könings


Capacity: 15 students

The seminar will be held as the RTMI13 mini-conference at the end of the semester.

next meeting:
Thu, 31 Jan | 9h st! | O27-331