Project - Advanced Analog and Mixed-Signal CMOS Circuit Design


Design project based on the "Project - Analog CMOS Circuit Design" with a content upon written project proposal and mutual agreement on the same. Thereby, project proposals might include the improvement of the circuit performance of the previous design project, the reduction of  power consumption of the overall previously designed circuit, the transistor level layout of the designed project. Project proposals can also include follow-up projects e.g. considering A/D converters, differential amplifiers, mixed-signal circuits including digital co-design, RF CMOS, or others.


Course attendance and above average exam in "Integrated Analog Circuits/Integrierte Analogschaltungen" or proven equivalent knowledge. Highly successful participation in "Project - Analog CMOS Circuit Design". Additionally recommended is the course and above average exam in "Circuit Design in Nanometer CMOS". Depending on the project focus it is recommended to have successfully completed the "Project - Design of Integrated Circuits".

A written application including a proposed outline of the design goals is required  from the student, and it will be evaluated for an admission to the project.


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  • Razavi, B. "Design of Analog CMOS Integrated Circuits", McGraw-Hill
  • Johns, D. "Analog Integrated Circuit Design", Wiley
  • Course language: English (German upon request)