M.Sc. Matthias Häberle

I studied microsystem engineering at the University of Freiburg, where I received my B.Sc. degree in April 2012. I continuted my studies in electrical engineering at the University of Ulm and received my M.Sc. degree in April 2016.

The topic of my Master's Thesis was "Design and implementation of a CMOS transimpedance amplifier with low noise and high bandwidth for high-resolution spectroscopy- and microscopy applications.

In May 2016 I began my work at the University of Ulm towards the Ph.D. degree under the the supervision of Professor Dr. Jens Anders. My research area is analog CMOS circuit design, with a focus on transimpedance amplifiers for scanning ion-conductance microscopy and electrically detected magnet resonance applications.


Transimpedance Amplifiers for Life and Material Science

M. Häberle: Many life and material science applications like Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy (SICM) and Electrically Detected Magnetic Resonance put demanding constraints on readout electronics. In a SICM experiment a pipette is used to map the surface of soft biological samples. An EDMR experiment is used to derive the efficency of solar cell materials ... [more]

Studentische Arbeiten

[mt] = Masterarbeit, [rp] = Bachelorarbeit

Abgeschlossene Arbeiten

  • Jan Hüber
    PCB-Based high sensitivity current sensing [mt]
  • Daniel Widenmann
    CMOS imagers for optogenetics [mt]



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Rajabzadeh, M.; Häberle, M.; Jain, A.; Ortmanns, M.
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Häberle, M.; Djekic, D.; Rajabzadeh, M.; Fantner, G.; Lips, K.; Ortmanns, M.; Anders, J.
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Häberle, M.; Djekic, D.; Fantner, G.; Lips, K.; Ortmanns, M.; Anders, J.
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ESSCIRC 2018 - 44th IEEE European Solid State Circuits Conference, Dresden, Germany
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Rajabzadeh, M.; Djekic, D.; Häberle, M.; Becker, J.; Anders, J.; Ortmanns, M.
Comparison Study of Integrated Potentiostats: Resistive-TIA, Capacitive-TIA, CT Σ∆ Modulator
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Djekic, D.; Häberle, M.; Ortmanns, M.; Lips, K.; Behrends, J.; Anders, J.
Hochohmige, robuste Pseudo-Widerstände mit verbesserter Linearität für die elektrisch detektierte Magnetresonanz
Kleinheubacher Tagung, Miltenberg, Germany
September 2016
Häberle, M.; Djekic, D.; Ortmanns, M.; Lips, K.; Behrends, J.; Anders, J.
Rauscharmer, breitbandiger Transimpedanzverstärker mit hohem Dynamikbereich für gepulste EDMR-Anwendungen
Kleinheubacher Tagung, Miltenberg, Germany
September 2016

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Matthias Häberle