M.Sc. Raphael Steinhoff

I studied electrical engineering at the University of Ulm, where I received my B.Sc. degree in December 2014 and my M.Sc. degree in Juli 2017. My Master Thesis "Untersuchung verschiedener Implementierungen und Optimierungen zur digitalen Erzeugung von Stimulationssignalen für ein Retinaimplantat" was supervised by Professor Rothermel from the Institute of Microelectronics at the University of Ulm.

I have been working as a research assistant for Professor Rothermel since September 2017. My current research interests are analog and digital circuits for a subretinal stimulator.


Circuit design for a subretinal stimulator

S. Moll, H. Schütz, R. Steinhoff: In this project we develop CMOS circuits optimized for the usage in medical implants. The emphasis is on low-power, optimized silicon area, and optimized performance ... [more]



Gambach, S.; Kaim, H.; Schütz, H.; Steinhoff, R.; Moll, S.; Rothermel, A.
Evaluierung einer getakteten Leistungsregelung für biomedizinische Implantate
Analogworkshop 2019, Universität Stuttgart
March 2019
Kaim, H.; Gambach, S.; Schütz, H.; Steinhoff, R.; Moll, S.; Rothermel, A.
Implementierung einer automatischen Helligkeitsregelung für ein subretinales Implantat
Analogworkshop 2019, Universität Stuttgart
March 2019


Schütz, H.; Djekic, D.; Gambach, S.; Kaim, H.; Steinhoff, R.; Rothermel, A.
Current Mode Communication Scheme for Subretinal Implants with 8mV RMS Wire Potential
25th IEEE International Conference on Electronics, Circuits and Systems (ICECS)
December 2018

Research Assistent

Raphael Steinhoff