Analysis of a Chirp Sequence Radar Demonstrator With More Than 1000 Virtual Channels

For imaging radars, a large aperture and thus a high angular separation capability can be achieved with sparse antenna arrays. In this case, the angle estimation is not robust due to missing antenna elements, however. By using a huge count of hardware channels in the radar system, high angle separability can be achieved while maintaining high robustness.

In this thesis a novel, highly integrated radar demonstrator with more than 1000 virtual channels shall be investigated. In a first step, the performance will be evaluated using static measurement scenarios. Subsequently, different modulation forms and ramp sequences shall be designed compared in dynamic scenarios.
Dominik Schwarz, M.Sc.XXXXRaum: 41.2.306Telefon: 0731 50-26358E-Mail
Type of Work

Literature Research, Radar Measurements, Implementation of Algorithms, Verification


Recommended Basic Knowledge

Lectures Radar- und Hochfrequenzsensoren, Microwave System Designs, Propagation and Antennas.
MATLAB skills are advanteageous.

What else?

Start of the Thesis: as of now