Institute of Information Resource Management

We currently focus our activities on autonomous Management of Information infrastructures, efficient realisation of Cloud- and Clustersystems and how through tight integration of application, middleware and hardware management service provision can be optimized.

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Our latest publications

Schubert, Lutz; Predoi, Ana; Jeffery, Keith
Interpolating 3D stratigraphic information from written excavation reports
Baur, Daniel; Seybold, Daniel; Griesinger, Frank; Tsitsipas, Athanasios; Hauser, Christopher B.; Domaschka, Jörg
Cloud Orchestration Features: Are Tools Fit for Purpose?
IEEE 8th International Conference on Utility and Cloud Computing
December 2015
Sarker, Mitalee; Domaschka, Jörg; Wesner, Stefan
Is Network Virtualisation Ready for 10 Gigabit?
Institute of Information Resource Management, Universität Ulm
September 2015
Domaschka, Jörg; Seybold, Daniel; Griesinger, Frank; Baur, Daniel
Axe: A Novel Approach for Generic, Flexible, and Comprehensive Monitoring and Adaptation of Cross-Cloud Applications
Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Seamless Adaptive Multi-cloud Management of Service-based Applications
August 2015
Domaschka, Jörg; Baur, Daniel; Seybold, Daniel; Griesinger, Frank
Cloudiator: A Cross-Cloud, Multi-Tenant Deployment and Runtime Engine
In Christos Nikolaou, Frank Leymann, editor, Proceedings of the Symposium on Service-oriented Computing 2015
June 2015
Domaschka, Jörg; Griesinger, Frank; Rossini, Alessandro
Beyond Mere Application Structure: Thoughts on the Future of Cloud Orchestration Tools
Procedia Computer Science, 68:151 - 162
ISSN: 1877-0509
Nikolov, V.; Kempf, K.; Hauck, F. J.; Rautenbach, D.
Distributing the Complexity of Schedulability Tests
21st IEEE Real-Time and Embedded Technology and Applications Symposium of RTAS 2015
Publisher: IEEE Computer Society,
Nikolov, V.; Hauck, F. J.; Schubert, L.
Ein hierarchisches Scheduling-Modell für unbekannte Anwendungen mit schwankenden Ressourcenanforderungen
Informatik aktuell, Betriebssysteme und Echtzeit,
ISBN: 978-3-662-48610-8
Nikolov, V.; Hauck, F. J.; Wesner, S.
Assembling a Framework for Unknown Real-Time Applications with RTSJ
Proceedings of the 13th International Workshop on Java Technologies for Real-time and Embedded Systems of JTRES '15 , page 12:1--12:10.
Publisher: ACM, New York, NY, USA
ISBN: 978-1-4503-3644-4
Schubert, Lutz; Jeffery, Keith
New Software Engineering Requirements in Clouds and Large-Scale Systems
Cloud Computing, 2(1):48--58

Abstract: The primary IT paradigm has changed from a compute-centric to a data-centric problem perspective. For decades our whole IT concepts were building around the foundation laid out by von Neumann. As the memory wall, parallelism, dynamicity, and multitenancy become the predominating factors in modern application performance and capabilities, this foundation doesn't hold true anymore. Rather than building up new layers, a complete rethinking of the software engineering principles is in order to overcome the essential issues in the long run. This article provides an overview over the core problems and the different approaches to overcome them.

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