Behind the Scenes of Cloud Deployment in CloudSocket

Ulm University

CloudSocket aims to bring business processes to the cloud. This means, high-level business process should be delivered as a service - fast, reliable, and scalable. A concept that is called Business Process as a Service (BPaaS). It describes the business to IT alignment. This basically brings two worlds together. On the top end, we have business engineers. People that work hard on defining what is needed in a company, and which requirements the market holds on them. On the lower end, equally hard-working technicians take care for the orchestration of the actual deployment of the services to be used. CloudSocket serves business processes in a marketplace, from which they can be bought and finally enacted.


In our webinar on 14th June 2017, we show what is behind the scenes of the service deployment in the cloud. You will see what happens when the so-called BPaaS bundle is bought and transmitted to the deployment and service provisioning engine. We give you a walkthrough from the sole description to the provisioning of services from infrastructure to workflow level using Cloudiator.



Cloudiator is a Cloud Orchestration Tool that was developed at Ulm University in the course of several research projects. You will see it in action, and dive in the mysteries of cloud deployment. We will be happy to have you in the webinar, and ask us anything.


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Find the complete CloudSocket webinar series at Youtube.