Computer Networks WS16/17


The lecture “Computer Networks” is an introduction to networks used with today’s computers. It deals mostly with the construction, the functionality and the design of local and wide area networks and protocols. On the basis of the ISO/OSI Model as a commonly used layered reference model, network and computer protocols are discussed. Media Access Control protocols of the lower layer are discussed together with network topologies with respect to their medium access mechanism. Topics of discussion include classic technologies like Ethernet as well as technologies used by internet service providers. On OSI Layer 3 and 4 (network and transport layer), the commonly encountered TCP/IP protocol is introduced and covered in detail. This builds the basis for discussing a set of application protocols based on TCP/IP such as RTP, HTTP or protocol patterns like REST as part of Seminar presentations.

In addition, the lecture presents other specialised networks applied in manufacturing or within cars such as CAN bus. The lecture is concluded by an overview and discussing data centre networks such as Infiniband used in high performance computing data centres and server farms as well as Software Defined Networking.


During the seminar component of the lecture, the students will learn how to independently research and organise information on a given topic lying within the scope of the lecture. Each group or student will prepare their material with modern presentation software and then present it to the class. Supervisors are available in advance to provide discussion opportunities and advice.

Every group respectively every student will arrange a presentation containing the background and the concept to be implemented later. This talk will be given to the class in the middle of the semester. 

Some rules:

•  The topics will be given at the latest 3 weeks before the presentation is scheduled
•  At the latest one week before the final presentation, the slides have to be submitted
•  If the deadline is exceeded a special date will be arranged
•  A successful presentation during the seminar is mandatory to take the exam
•  If, for any reason, the presentation of a group is not good, the members of this group will have one second chance
•  The attendance during the seminar is mandatory

More information/templates to be provided during the course.

General Information

  • Lecturer

    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Wesner, Dr. Jörg Domaschka and L. Schubert

  • Institut

    Institute of Information Resource Management

  • Pre-requisits

    Basic comprehension of electrical engineering and information technology

  • Duration

    V/Ü/P/S 2/0/0/1

  • Credit points


  • Elective lecture

    For students Master Communication Technology, Elektrotechnik, Informationssystemtechnik

  • Offered in Semester

    Winter semester

  • Place

    Universität West, room 43.2.104

  • Exam

    Oral at the end of the semester

  • ELearning Course

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